Regulations for Students

A quick guide to Regulations for undergraduate and taught postgraduate students

Please note: due to the exceptional circumstances arising from the COVID-19 pandemic the University has revised the regulations for students graduating in 2020 in line with the Safety Net Policy. The regulations which apply for individual cohorts are set out below.  There are some programmes where accreditation or other requirements mean that the Safety Net or other regulatory changes cannot apply to particular cohorts.  Please check with your school to confirm which regulations will apply to your studies.

Senate Regulations are the rules which apply to your studies as a student of the University of Leicester. When you register as a student you agree to follow these regulations. This guide details what each regulation is for, should you need to refer to them during your studies. References to requirements of regulations are also detailed in various parts of your student handbook.

Please contact your department if you have a question about the Senate Regulations or the information they contain.

Where are the rules about registration, transferring to a different programme (course) or suspending my studies?
  • Senate Regulation 2 includes information on registration, how to transfer between programmes of study or methods of study and what to do if you need to suspend your studies.
What about tuition fees, including overdue or unpaid fees?
  • Full information about the regulations around fees are detailed in Senate Regulation 3.
Where are the details of attendance requirements and what's expected of me as a student?
  • Senate Regulation 4 explains about attendance and student obligations. More information is also detailed in the Code of Student Responsibility.
How do I find out more about assessment, including exams and how my degree will be classified?
  • Senate Regulation 5 explains what you need to do to progress from one level to the next and how degrees are awarded and classified if you are an undergraduate student.
  • Senate Regulation 6 explains all of this for postgraduate students.
  • Senate Regulation 7 includes information on how the University manages assessments and what happens if you have mitigating circumstances and can't attend an assessment or exam.
  • Senate Regulation 8 exams how exams are managed and what to do (and not do) in exams.
What if things don't go to plan?
  • Senate Regulation 10 explains how to submit an academic appeal. More information is detailed in our appeals process.
  • Senate Regulation 11 explains student disciplinary procedures.
  • Senate Regulation 12 explains how to submit a complaint.
If you are an undergraduate student who started your studies before September 2018... can also

  • use our Excel Award Calculator (pre-2018/19 students only) (Excel) The Award Calculator is currently undergoing maintenance to allow for the inclusion of a Safety-net Credit Weighted Average in a calculation.

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For students who started their studies before September 2018

Image of the Student Guide to Undergraduate Assessment and Award for students who commenced their studies prior to 2018.

Click on the image to view our Student Guide to Assessment and Award for students who started their studies before September 2018. You can also use our Excel Award calculator (pre 2018/19 students) (Excel) The Award Calculator is currently undergoing maintenance to allow for the inclusion of a Safety-net Credit Weighted Average in a calculation.

Information for staff

Contact your College Academic Advisor in the Quality Office for Senate Regulations queries. For regulations involving postgraduate research degrees (Senate Regulation 9), contact the Doctoral College (; 0116 252 2293).