Academic Appeals Procedure

Information for students considering submitting an academic appeal

Consult Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Senate Regulation 10 (PDF) and Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Academic Appeals: A Guide for Students (PDF) if you want to formally appeal a decision made by a board of examiners or another academic body responsible for decisions on student assessment, progression, and award. Sections of the Guide are also available below.

Appeals should be submitted using the standard appeal form: Word Appeal Form (Word) |  Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Appeal Form (PDF). The PDF version can be used if completing your appeal form by hand.

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Guide to the appeals process 

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Document scanning facilities |

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Academic Appeals: A Guide for Students

This guide is intended to explain the Academic Appeals process. Details of the appeals procedure are published in regulations (see Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Senate Regulation 10).  Before making an appeal you are encouraged to talk to your personal tutor, supervisor or another appropriate member of staff in your department, or to seek advice from the Education Unit in the Students’ Union ( | +44 (0)116 223 1132).

Appeal submission deadlines

  • Submit your completed appeal form and supporting documentary evidence:
    • to the address stated in Section 6 of the appeal form (electronic submission is preferred)
    • to arrive by the relevant appeal deadline stated in the communication notifying you of your results.

The deadline by which you will need to submit your appeal depends on when the decision you want to appeal against was made. You can find the deadline that applies to you in the communication that formally advises you of the Board of Examiners or other academic body's decision. Depending on the level and type of your study, the notification may be by formal email, letter, via the University's online student results portal, or a combination of one or more of these.

Please wait until the relevant Board of Examiners has reached its decision before submitting any appeal. An appeal submitted earlier will normally be unable to be considered until after the Board has met due to the possibility that the decision may change.

Submission deadlines for academic appeals 
For... Submission deadline
Undergraduate campus-based students (except MBChB)

The deadline for appeals relating to the September re-assessment period 2017 has now passed.

The deadline for appeals relating to the midsummer 2018 period will be announced in due course. 

MBChB students only Refer to results correspondence signed by Dr Judith West, Deputy Head of School of Medicine
Undergraduate distance learning students Refer to results email from and MyStudentRecord notification
Postgraduate students (except integrated English language programmes) Refer to results email from and MyStudentRecord notification

Appeals submitted after the relevant deadline will be deemed to be out of time and will not be considered unless we accept that you have provided clear documentary evidence to demonstrate that you were prevented from submitting the appeal earlier. You may not appeal if your results are not as good as you had hoped or worse than you believe you deserve. Appeals which simply challenge the academic judgement of internal or external examiners or Boards of Examiners are not permitted.

Document scanning facilities

Facilities to electronically scan hard copy documents can be found in various locations on campus, including the photocopying rooms in the David Wilson Library. The service is free of charge when the files are sent to your university email account.

Further Information and Guidance

If you require further information about how the appeals process works, contact:

  • the Quality Office ( - all students except MBChB;
  • Mr David Parker, Head of Student Programmes Administration for the College of Life Sciences ( ) - MBChB students only.

They can explain the procedure but cannot help you in writing an appeal.

You may find it helpful to speak to your personal tutor or supervisor/postgraduate tutor if you are considering submitting an appeal. Alternatively, get in touch with an Education Advisor in the Education Unit (ED) (see Education Unit website - external site); the Education Union is part of the Students' Union and offers free, confidential advice to students about various aspects of their studies - including mitigating circumstances, concerns about final grades, and putting together an academic appeal.



Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Senate Regulation 10: governing academic appeals (PDF) These regulations set out the University's formal procedures about appeals against decisions made by Boards of Examiners and other academic bodies.
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Academic Appeals: A Guide for Students (PDF) A downloadable version of the Guide for Students to the academic appeals process. This guide is intended to explain the Academic Appeals process, the formal details of which are published in Senate Regulation 10. Sections of the guide appear in the page above and within its sub-pages.

Word Appeal Form (Word version)

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Appeal Form (PDF)

Use this form if you want to submit an appeal against a progression or award decision made by a Board of Examiners or other academic body. Use the PDF if you prefer to complete the form by hand.
Word Department report form template (Word)
- for departmental use
Template to be used by departments when submitting a response to an appeal. A copy of the report will be made available to the student who has made the appeal.
Documents for Appeal Review RequestsDescription

Word Appeal Review Request Form (Word version)     

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Appeal Review Request Form (PDF)

Use this form if you have received the outcome of your appeal and wish to request a review of the decision. Use the PDF if you prefer to complete the form by hand.


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