*Section 3C, Refusals and Appeals

Section 3C of the Immigration Act 1971 allows you to remain in the UK legally whilst you are waiting for a decision on a visa as long as you applied before your visa expiry date.
We will only sponsor students who are covered by Section 3C. If you have made an in-time visa application, which is processed whilst you are studying with us and your visa is subsequently refused, you may have the right to appeal the refusal. If you do, whilst you make the appeal and are awaiting a decision you are still covered by Section 3C and we can continue to sponsor you.

If at any point in your visa process you are no longer covered by Section 3C we will not be able to continue sponsoring you and you will be required to suspend your studies. You will only be able to re-join your course once you have a valid visa which is covered by Section 3C, and at a time that is suitable for the course you are undertaking.

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