Registering with other visas (not Tier 4)

Non-Tier 4 visas

You can normally register with the University with any UK leave (permission) which does not prohibit study. Some visa types have conditions attached to them and the most common are listed below.

Short-term Study Visa

You can only study with us on a Short-term Visit Visa if you are on a:
  • Study Abroad programme
  • Erasmus exchange programme
  • English Language Teaching Unit (ELTU) course

If you are studying any other full-time campus based courses this type of visa is not appropriate as you will not be able to extend it in the UK in order to complete your studies.

If you intend to obtain a short term study visa on entry make sure you have the relevant documentation to evidence that you will be entering the UK for the purposes of study and make sure you are granted entry clearance as student and not a general visitor. You cannot have this corrected once you have entered the UK and you may have to leave and re-enter the UK to obtain the correct leave.

Dependant visa

If you are currently residing in the UK on a dependant visa you can register and study on that visa. if your visa does not cover the full duration of your programme you will have to provide evidence when it expires that you have made a new application for leave to remain.

Tier 2 visa

You can register for a course on a Tier 2 visa but not one which includes a work placement. If your employer stops sponsoring you, you will lose your right to study and you must inform us immediately. You must  provide your consent for us to make periodic checks with the UKVI to ensure that your visa remains valid throughout your studies.

Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa

You can register for a course on this visa if the visa covers the full duration of your course. If your visa will expire before your course finishes you should contact Student Immigration Advice and Compliance for advice.

Indefinite Leave to Remain

You can register if you are currently residing in the UK in this category but you are still required to attend a visa checkpoint and provide evidence of your status.

General Visit Visa

If you are in the UK with a General Visitor Visa you are not normally permitted to register on a degree course with this type of visa as it only permits up to 30 days study. You can seek advice from Student Immigration advice and Compliance by sending them a scan of your stamp/visa and advising them of the course you are intending to register on.

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