Your Visa Checkpoint

For International (non-EU) students

All new and returning international (non-EU) students must complete the Visa Checkpoint at the start of each academic year. You must show an original valid passport and visa, or evidence of a valid immigration status which permits study for the full duration of your programme of study. If your visa does not cover the full length of your programme study, when it expires you will be required to provide evidence of your continuing permission to remain and study.

New students and returning

You need to complete visa checkpoint before you can be fully registered on your course.

What happens at the Visa Checkpoint

We will check your visa and passport to ensure that you have a valid visa to study at the University of Leicester. If you do not have a valid visa you will not be able to register and we will refer you to Student Immigration Advice and Compliance. They will assist you wherever possible to apply for a visa before the latest registration date.

Once you complete the Visa Checkpoint you will receive your University ID Card and a letter confirming that you are registered with us.

What to bring with you

New students

  • Your current passport and visa (original documents only - copies will not be accepted).
  • If you have opted to collect your Biometric Residence Permit from the University it will be given to you at Visa Checkpoint.
  • Your offer letter or other correspondence you have received from us with your nine digit student number on it.

Returning students

  • Your current passport and visa (original documents only - copies will not be accepted)
  • Your University ID Card

If you already have a Tier 4 Student Visa with a different sponsor you will not be able to register with us until you have made an application for a new Tier 4 visa with us as your sponsor. You must provide evidence of this.

If you have made a new visa application you must provide evidence of your application in order to register.

If your visa is due to expire or becomes invalid you must apply for a new visa and provide evidence of this to the University by presenting it at the Student Services Centre in the Charles Wilson Building.


You must complete the Visa Checkpoint by the registration deadline for your course. After this date your department must confirm to us that you still have time to be able to successfully complete your course.

 If you are delayed in coming to Leicester or you are unable to come please contact the relevant service:

New students - please contact for undergraduate courses and for postgraduate courses.

Returning students - please contact your department.

Visit our Visa Information page for information about evidence of in-time visa applications, Tier 4 Student visa with a different sponsor, Tier 4 Child, General Visitor or Student Visitor visa and Section 3C and Appeals.

International Student Support

The International Student Advisors are trained to provide immigration advice and can help you apply for a new Tier 4 General visa, or complete the permission to switch (PTS) form to change your sponsor.

The International Student Advisors are located in the Charles Wilson Building or you can contact them at or on 0116 229 7400.

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