Course Start Dates and Deadlines


Registration must be fully completed by the start date of your course which will be on your acceptance letter. If you are a new student you will also need to attend an Identity Check (home students) or a Visa Checkpoint (EU or international students).


All students are required to fully complete registration as soon as possible by your course start date. You will not usually be permitted to register later than two weeks after the start of your course*. If you are unable to complete your registration by this date please contact us at

Failure to register for the start of your course, and by any final deadlines, can have serious consequences on your status as a student and you may have missed essential inductions and information for your course.  If you are an international student, your visa and immigration status will also be affected.  If you are Student Finance funded your funds will not be released until you have completed your registration.

If you are returning from a period of suspension registration closes two weeks after your suspension period ends.

Students arriving from red or amber list countries need to arrive in the UK early enough to complete their quarantine period prior to the start of term so that they can attend campus.


There is support available to help you register, please contact us at if you are experiencing difficulties.

For any Distance Learning Course, please refer to your offer letter for your registration deadline.

*Students whose course starts on Monday 20 September 2021 will not usually be permitted to register after Monday 4 October.

Students whose course starts on Monday 27 September 2021 will not usually be permitted to register after Monday 11 October.


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