All students (including students on a year abroad/in industry) are required to register with the University at the start of each academic year, or upon returning from a period of suspension.

Before you can register for each year of your course you need to pay your tuition fees or confirm alternative funding arrangements if someone is paying fees on your behalf.

Registration enables you to:

  • To become an official student at the University
  • Attend your course
  • Access University facilities, such as the Library and IT Services
  • Access your student loan (if you have applied for one)
  • Access to Student Support Services
  • Obtain your student ID card

The registration deadline is two weeks after the start of your course, if you do not know when this is, please contact your School. If you have not registered by then, you will not be able to access any resources or facilities and may ultimately be withdrawn as a student.

You will be sent an email inviting you to complete registration.

Please read your responsibilities before registering.

Online Registration (MyStudentRecord)

The first step in becoming a registered student is to complete online registration.  You can do this by accessing the online registration portal (MyStudentRecord)

You can access MyStudentRecord here to complete online registration.

If you do not already have an existing MyStudentRecord account you will need to select the new user option to create an account.  You will need your 9-digit student number which can be found in your registration invitation email.

If you have already set up your account please log in with your username and password.  If you need to reset your password please select the forgotten your password option.  Once you have logged in, click on the Registration tab at the top of the screen and follow the instructions.  If you are using a mobile device you may need to click on the menu button at the top of the screen in order to see the Registration tab.

You will need to complete the following sections:

  • My fees
  • About me
  • My address - your addresses must be up to date. You may be incorrectly charged for council tax if we do not have your correct address.
  • My qualifications
  • My course
  • My photo - check our photo guidelines.  If you are unable to upload a photo please email
  • University regulations - this option will only be available once you have completed all of the mandatory tasks.

If you indicate any information is incorrect, the relevant office will be notified and will look into your query.

You will be asked some consent questions as part of this process, please make sure you read these questions carefully.  You can review and update your answers at any time by logging on to MyStudentRecord using your University IT account and selecting the My Details tab and the My Consent option.

If you are registering for the first time at the end of the process you will set up a password for your University of Leicester IT account. Please note your University IT account will take up to 24 hours to be live.  These details must be kept safe because you will need them to access University IT systems.

Remember to check this account regularly as all University-related communications will be sent to your student email account.

Confirmation of online registration

Once you have completed all the parts of online registration you will receive an email to confirm that you have successfully completed online registration. This may take up to 24 hours to come through after you have completed online registration.

ID/Visa Checks

New students will then need to complete an Identity Check (new home students) or a Visa Checkpoint (new international students, including EU).

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Four steps to becoming a student
  1. Pay your fees
  2. Registration
  3. Visa Checkpoint (international non-EU students only)
  4. Departmental induction

Information for new students

Suspension of Studies

If you have taken a suspension from your studies then you may need to provide additional information before you can re-register onto your course. If this is required you will be written to before your expected date of return with instructions on how to register.