Policy on Remote Examinations

University policy on examinations which are undertaken remotely.

Remote Examinations

The Policy sets out the broad framework for the management of examinations that are undertaken remotely.  In the 2020/21 academic year the University moved to digital assessment by default due to the impact of the global pandemic.  As part of this process the University rapidly developed its approach to digital assessment and its use in future years, sitting alongside more traditional models of on campus assessments such as unseen examinations.

Remote examinations are defined under the policy as:

Examinations which are not campus based, meaning that they do not take place in a face to face format, either within University buildings, premises hired for assessments or overseas venues engaged by the University for the purpose of examinations.

Remote examinations’ may include but are not limited to open book or take home examinations, standard time limited examinations and time limited examinations taken within a defined submission window.  Assessments which are deemed coursework or are otherwise not intended to be undertaken under examination conditions are not within the scope of this policy.

The Policy should be read in conjunction with Senate Regulation 8 governing examinations which governs examinations undertaken on the University campus or other venues engaged for that purpose.

The policy aims to:

  • Establish clear definitions for remote examinations, and the relationship with Senate Regulation 8
  • Establish responsibilities for the management of remote examinations, including such issues as the production and timetable for exams, and the production and security of examination papers
  • Formalise in policy documentation the requirements around assessment windows for remote examinations
  • Formalise the operation of alternative arrangements within the context of assessment windows.
  • Articulate the policy regarding the expectations for academic integrity for remote examinations, and how this aligns with the operation of Senate Regulation 11 governing student conduct
  • Establish expectations for how schools should communicate with their students regarding the operation of remote examinations

The Policy was approved by the Education Committee in March 2021

Read the full Policy on Remote Examinations

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