Personal Tutor System

Personal tutors are there to provide students with support, advice and guidance on an individual level. Details of the personal tutor system for your department are published in student handbooks. If you are unsure who your personal tutor is contact your department/school office.

Common topics for discussion are:

  • study progress
  • course changes
  • module choices
  • mitigating circumstances (ill health or other circumstances that are impacting upon a student's studies or have the potential to do so)
  • exam results
  • career opportunities and employment references
  • personal problems, such as accommodation or financial difficulties.

Download the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Code of Practice for Personal Support for Students on Taught Programmes (PDF)

Revisions to the Code of Practice for Personal Support for Students on Taught Programmes were approved by the Academic Policy Committee in May 2016. The development of the Code of Practice was based on extensive research conducted by the Personal Tutor Working Group comprising students, staff and the Students’ Union.

Information for Staff

Student handbook entriesGuidance for personal tutors

Student handbooks must contain a description of the departmental arrangements for pastoral support, with particular reference to the role of the personal tutor. Refer to the Code of Practice for Personal Support for Students on Taught Programmes when composing the relevant handbook section(s).

Departments must also have an agreed and published arrangement for dealing with students needing immediate assistance; this means that when a personal tutor is not available, there should be a clear default position. This could be a Senior Tutor or Head of Department. It is good practice for these arrangements to be described in student handbooks.

Other information to be included in student handbooks can be found in the Guidelines on the Production of Student Handbooks.

Visit (Leicester Learning Institute website) for guidance on how to be more effective as a personal tutor.

The website covers both academic and personal aspects of the role.

Image of Leicester Learning Institute's personal tutoring website

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