Learning and Assessment Strategies

Information about the University's Learning Strategy and Assessment Strategy. The Strategies can be downloaded from this page.

University Learning Strategy

The University Learning Strategy 2017-2021 defines our commitments and priorities in the area of learning and teaching. It sets out the culture and environment which will support this, and the measures that we will use to track our success. At the core of the Strategy we believe:

In our community students matter and learning matters.

All University of Leicester students, wherever they are, wherever they come from and however they study, will enjoy the best education and experience imaginable. Everybody in our University contributes to our ethos of educational excellence, which is enriched by staff and student partnership, outstanding research and scholarship, innovation at all levels and an inclusive approach in everything we do.

Students graduating from our programmes will be resourceful, independent and resilient. Proud of their achievements they will maintain a lasting connection with us. As well as a continuing curiosity about themselves and others, they will have the qualities of integrity, openness of mind, cross-cultural understanding, breadth of perspective and concern for ethics that equip them for professional success and active, informed global citizenship now and into the future.

We will work to support and promote social justice by ensuring that we work with all those who have the potential to succeed in higher education.

The Strategy sets out the following commitments:

  • Discover: offering a vibrant, successful academic portfolio
  • Discover: assuring and enhancing quality
  • Transition: excellent recruitment, induction and transition
  • Progress: transformative teaching and learning
  • Success: a community defined by partnership

The full Learning Strategy is available as a Adobe Acrobat (PDF) PDF.

Assessment Strategy

The University Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Assessment Strategy 2017-2021 (PDF) defines our commitments and priorities in the area of assessment and feedback.

Assessment of student learning and competence is at the heart of higher education. The academic standards of our University and students are evidenced and verified by assessment.

League tables, so important to the institution’s reputation, rest on a foundation of students’ satisfaction with our assessment. Employers of our students recruit their staff based on competency measured by our assessments. Quite apart from the impact on the institution, students and employers, assessment also has an influence on staff - from life-work balance to leaving sufficient time for research.

The Assessment Strategy aims to describe the University’s underlying principles of assessment, encourage the development of shared language around assessment, clarify roles and responsibilities of all University of Leicester staff involved in assessment and facilitate the enhancement of assessment and feedback.

The Strategy sets out the following commitments:

  • Our assessments will be for and of learning.
  • Our assessments will be coherent at programme level.
  • Our staff and students will be assessment literate. Implicit and explicit elements of assessments will be included in programme design and be used to deliver agreements in the Feedback Charter.
  • We will harmonise assessment and re-assessment workload to ensure loads are appropriate and reasonable.
  • Our assessments of learning will aim to be authentic, show achievement of threshold standards and stratify student achievement.
  • Our assessments will align with the UoL Digital by Default strategy.

To complement the Assessment Strategy, the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Self-Assessment Tools (PDF) have also been developed. These tools based around six Design Principles, are intended to enable programme teams to recognise current good practice and identify where support is needed to work towards alignment with the Assessment Strategy.

Additional specific resources to help address Action points identified in the Self-Assessment Tools are available on the LLI Assessment and Feedback pages.

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