Publish your student handbook

How to publish your student handbook

Your student handbook must be made available to students online as a Word document via Blackboard. Handbooks should not be publicly available on school/department websites; this is a change in policy from previous years. This is because information suitable for prospective students is now given via Study with Us pages.

School/department approval of student handbooks for publication

Handbooks are required to be checked and signed-off for publication at school-level by the member of staff to which the Head of School has assigned this responsibility.

They are not required to be approved for publication by the Quality Office prior to release to students.

When your handbook has been approved for publication by your school's handbook reviewer it can be published.
Do not release a handbook to students before it has the reviewer's approval.

Publish your student handbook

Update your Student Handbook in Word, add a new front page and check accessibility

2. Publish the Word handbook to Blackboard once it has been approved for release to students by your School Handbook Reviewer (nominated by the Head of School)
3. Send a copy of the handbook to the Quality Office for record purposes


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