Resources for handbook editors

Essential resources for all members of staff involved in creating and updating student handbooks for taught programmes.

Your Student Handbook must be published online. To make handbooks consistent, the University introduced standards for the layout, font and heading styles. If you produce a Student Handbook in Word you must use the template.

Word editors

Create a new handbook or update a handbook already in the template

  • Edit your student handbook - step by step guide to creating a new student handbook using the University template or updating a handbook that was converted to the template in a previous year. The template can be downloaded from the Edit your student handbook page.
  • Create a new cover page - instructions for creating a new cover page for a student handbook that complies with the University's visual identity
  • Publish your student handbook - instructions on publishing your student handbook in the University approved format and position.


Training is available for:

  • New editors with an existing handbook that needs updating
  • Editors with a handbook that has not been converted to the template
  • Editors who want to produce a brand new student handbook for a new course
  • Existing editors who need more help

The student handbook template can be downloaded from the Edit your student handbook page

Editors using the student handbook template for the first time can download the template from the Edit your student handbook webpage.

Editors using other programs

If you create your student handbook in a program other than Word you must use the standard layout

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