Student handbook production

The Guidelines on the Production of Student Handbooks for Taught Programmes are designed to assist editors in creating handbooks in accordance with the University's agreed principles for handbook content, publication method and appearance. The Guidelines apply to student handbooks for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses but may also be of interest to staff involved in the preparation of handbooks for research students. The Guidelines are comprised of three sections.

Consult all three sections when preparing a student handbook.

Sections of the Guidelines for the Production of Student Handbooks
Word Section 1 (Word) 

the University's agreed principles for student handbooks format and publication (taught programmes) for 2020/21

Word Section 2 (Word) guidance about the content of each section of the template for 2020/21
Section 3 Access to essential resources for all handbook editors, including Section 3 (the template with standard text entries) via the 'Edit a student handbook' webpage
Additional guidance
Accuracy of content help with ensuring additional content in your handbook is regulatory compliant and how to get further help with content if needed after consulting the Guidelines and these webpages
Resources for handbook editors essential resources for all members of staff involved in creating and updating student handbooks for taught programmes
Further help further help with producing student handbooks is available on request

Availability of the Guidelines for the Production of Student Handbooks for the coming academic year

The Guidelines are published annually at the earliest possible date. The publication schedule into account the typical time of year that handbook editors work on updating student handbooks balanced against the availability of accurate content for the year ahead. The aim is to avoid having to release any late amendments to the template after publication.

Approval of student handbooks for publication

Handbooks are now required to be checked and signed-off for publication at school level by the member of staff to which the Head of School has assigned this responsibility. They are not required to be approved for publication by the Quality Office prior to release to students but editors are requested to send a copy of the signed-off version to their College Academic Adviser for the Quality Office's records.

Do not publish your student handbook before it has the approval of your School's Handbook Reviewer.

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