Consumer Rights with Respect to Taught Programmes

The University's Policy regarding the management of obligations under Consumer Rights Law

Consumer Rights with respect to taught programmes

The Policy sets out how the University ensures that it complies with the requirements of the Consumer Rights Act 2015.  The application of the Law to Higher Education provision is overseen by the Competition and Markets Authority.

The University seeks to ensure that the content and pedagogy within its programmes are continually reviewed and updated to ensure that they reflect the most current disciplinary practice. It may therefore be desirable to periodically update materials or programme structures to reflect disciplinary developments, to respond to feedback from external examiners or current students, or to accommodate changes in staffing. There may also be circumstances where it is necessary to make changes to meet the requirements of professional accreditation for individual programmes.

The purpose of this policy is to set out clearly for students and staff how the University manages the process of informing applicants and students about the contents of their courses and, where this may change, the processes that are in place to manage this and ensure that students are aware of their rights.

The Policy was approved by the Learning and Teaching Committee in October 2020.

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For applicants and offer holders

The Policy sets out how the University provides accurate information to potential students through its marketing and offer process. It also states how we will inform applicants of any changes to their programmes of study and their options where this occurs.  The policy also highlights how students can make a complaint regarding the Admissions process if they feel they have grounds to do so.

For current students

Academic study is consistently evolving and as a University we want to make sure that students have access to the most up to date knowledge, teaching and assessment.  As such a level of change is inherent within academic study and is designed to support our students' learning.

This policy sets out the principles for how the University may make changes to its programmes and how students will be consulted or informed of these changes.  The detailed process of how the University considers and approves changes to its academic provision, including how it works with students is available on the Curriculum Planning website.

This Policy is aligned with the principles of the University's Student Protection Plan which sets out the actions the University would take in the event of more significant programme change.

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