Learning and Teaching Committee

The Learning and Teaching Committee is responsible for the strategic development and management of the University Learning Strategy

Terms of reference and membership

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Terms of Reference and Membership (PDF) of the Learning and Teaching Committee

Chair: Professor Jon Scott, Pro-Vice Chancellor (Student Experience)

Secretary: Mr Andrew Petersen, Assistant Registrar (Quality Office)

Reports to: Senate

Dates of meetings and minutes

The Learning and Teaching Committee was established in 2018.

Academic Year 2018-19 (8 meetings)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 12 September 2018 (PDF) Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 24 October 2018 (PDF) Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 20 November 2018 (PDF)
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 14 January 2019 (PDF) Adobe Acrobat (PDF) 12 March 2019 (PDF) 22 May 2019 (PDF)
13 June 2019 (PDF)

The Code of Practice on Academic Governance sets out the wider protocols with regard to the academic committee structure and the management of Committee business.

The main Committee site for Members holds additional information

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