Progression codes

Progression codes for UG & PGT for capturing progression outcomes at Board of Examiners

If you need further information, please refer to the Board Secretary Training 2019

CodeProgression Decision Description
P Pass and Proceed
PT Pass and Transfer of Programme
NT Non Completion and Transfer of Programme
PC Proceed and Carry Fail
PR Proceed and Resit Failed Module
PRT Proceed and Resit Failed Module Transfer Course
PP Proceed and Pickup New Module
R Resit/Sit
RT Resit & Transfer of Programme
RY Repeat Year
RS1 Repeat Semester 1
RS2 Repeat Semester 2
RWR Resit/Sit Without Residence
RW1 Resit/Sit Without Residence Sem 1, Repeat Sem 2
RW2 Resit/Sit Without Residence Semester 2
S Successful Completion
SL Successful Completion - Interim Award
ST Successful Completion and Transfer Course
T Course Termination
NA Withdrawal due to non-attendance
CA Chairs Action to be taken, Decision Required
F Failed to meet award rules, Decision Required
FP Passed Major/Failed Minor, Decision Required
MM Marks are missing, no decision can be made
MMO Missing Modules, no decision can be made
MP Missing Pathway Module, no decision can be calculated

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