Student Placements

Academic Quality and Standards - Code of Practice on Managing Higher Education with Others: Student Placements

See Section 5 of the Code for more information about Student Placements.

Placements are periods of work experience undertaken by students as part of their programme of study, which are required in order to fulfil the learning outcomes. Typically, placements fall into one of the three categories set out in the table below.

Type of PlacementDescription
Work Placements
A work placement where a student gains work experience relevant to the programme, for example a year abroad, year in industry or teaching experience as part of a PGCE.
Research Placements Research Placements A research placement where a student gains research experience relevant to the programme, for example research projects undertaken in a laboratory or equivalent.
Clinical Placements A clinical placement where a student gains relevant clinical experience, for example medical electives undertaken by medical students or placements undertaken by clinical psychology.


Please contact the Placement Team in the Career Development Service for further help and guidance with regards to student placements. Further information about international student placement opportunities can be sought from Global Opportunities.