Quality Assurance Arrangements

Academic Quality and Standards - Code of Practice on Managing Higher Education with Others: Quality Assurance Arrangements

See Section 4 of the Code for more information about Quality Assurance Arrangements.

A number of quality assurance arrangements have been set up in order to ensure that collaborative partnerships meet the University standards and expectations. The table below highlights some of the arrangements that have been put in place.

Quality Assurance Arrangement Supporting Documents

Partnership Manager

The relevant Head of Department is responsible for nominating a member of the University’s staff to act as the partnership manager who will be responsible for overseeing the management of the partnership arrangements. The Head of Department will keep the Quality Office informed of staffing changes to this role.

The partnership manager is responsible for ensuring that information regarding the partnership is provided to relevant University offices and committees and for ensuring that the partner is provided with all necessary information from the University.

Departmental Ownership

The Head of Department is also responsible for ensuring that the Department takes ownership for the programme(s) and embeds it within the University’s standard quality assurance and enhancement processes.

Annual and Periodic Development Review

Mechanisms are in place to monitor and review all collaborative arrangements periodically and annually as set out in the University’s Code of Practice on Annual and Periodic Development Review.

Development, Approval and Modification of Taught Provision

Any amendments made to collaborative programmes should follow processes set out in the University’s Code of Practice on Development, Approval and Modification of Taught Provision.

Annual Reporting and Collaborative Partnership Review

Additional monitoring specific to collaborative provision include Annual Reporting of collaborative programmes and the Collaborative Partnership Review.

Please contact the Quality Office for further help and guidance with regards to issues relating to Quality Assurance Arrangements.

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