Periodic Developmental Review

Academic Quality and Standards - Code of Practice on Annual and Periodic Developmental Review: Periodic Developmental Review

The University conducts a rolling 6 year programme of Periodic Developmental Reviews to monitor the quality of teaching and learning within its academic departments. Each Review is conducted under the Terms of Reference of the Academic Policy Committee and focuses on the quality assurance and assessment mechanisms which underpin student teaching, learning and assessment.

See Section B of the Code for more information about the Periodic Developmental Review.


The reviews allow the University to make sure that its departments and collaborative partners are fulfilling their requirements in maintaining academic standards and teaching quality. They are also a central means by which the University satisfies the requirement of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA) that an institution must review the ongoing validity of its programmes of study.

The Review process is intended to be a developmental activity; highlighting areas of good practice and identifying any aspects of provision that may benefit from greater cohesion.

Periodic Developmental Review compliments Annual Developmental Review. These processes are one of the main ways that the University satisfies itself that academic standards are being maintained across the institution.


A Department or School due to undergo a Periodic Developmental Review (PDR) will be contacted in the term prior to the review taking place. A member of the Quality Office will act as the first point of contact for all issues relating to the process. The table below provides a typical example of the review process;

6 months before PDR
  • Head of Department sent memo with a periodic review date
3 - 5 months before PDR
  • Quality Office arrange review meetings with Departments and Blackboard site Developer
  • Departmental teaching observations take place
2 - 4 months before PDR
  • Departments nominate External
5 weeks before PDR
  • PDR schedule and relevant documents uploaded on Blackboard site
  • Distant Learning Students contacted to complete feedback questionnaire
  • Departmental deadline to return relevant documentation hard copies to Quality Office
4 weeks before PDR
  • Deadline for the Distant Learning students to return completed questionnaires
2-3 weeks before PDR
  • Quality Office circulates review documentation to External and panel members
1 week before PDR
  • Pre-meeting held with panel Chair to review documents and student members briefed by Quality Office
1 week following PDR
  • Conclusions of PDR sent to Departments
2 weeks following PDR
  • Final report sent to panel
3 weeks following PDR
  • Final report sent to Departments

Current Review Schedule:

The following table lists the current schedule for the review of academic Departments and collaborative partners for the current and previous academic years. The full review schedule is available from the Quality Office upon request.

Academic YearDateAcademic DepartmentLead Quality Office Contact
2014/15 11 May 2015 Geography Kathryn Brennan
8 May 2015 Historical Studies Katherine Moffett
7 May 2015 Engineering Kathryn Pollard
11 February 2015 Museum Studies Katherine Moffett
12 December 2014 Physics and Astronomy Catherine Cryer
21 November 2014 Law Andrew Petersen

Contact your College Academic Advisor, who is based in the Quality Office if you would like advice on the Periodic Developmental Review process.

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