Annual Developmental Review

Academic Quality and Standards - Code of Practice on Annual and Periodic Developmental Review: Annual Developmental Review

The University requires each academic school to conduct an annual review of its teaching provision (undergraduate and taught postgraduate programmes). Over the course of an academic year the school produces a written evaluation report for scrutiny at School and College-level by the School and College Learning and Teaching Committees. A summary of the College Learning and Teaching Committee's discussions and any recommendations it makes are reported to the University's Quality and Standards Sub-Committee. This Committee has overall responsibility for the management of the Annual Developmental Review process and the assurance and enhancement of academic quality and standards across the University.

See Section A of the Code for more information about the Annual Developmental Review.

Review objectives:

Annual Developmental Review is a process designed to:

  • inform the development of academic policy
  • enhance the value of the learning opportunities provided to students
  • share good practice that encourages enhancement of the student experience
  • ensure the University fulfils its commitment to regularly review the quality of its teaching.

Annual Developmental Review complements Periodic Developmental Review. These processes are one of the main ways that the University satisfies itself that academic standards are being maintained across the institution.

The Review Process:

Step 1. The school monitors its teaching provision
Step 2. The school writes an annual developmental review report over an academic year
Step 3.

The report is considered in stages throughout the academic year by the appropriate School and College Learning and Teaching Committees

Step 4.

The Quality and Standards Sub-Committee receives a summary of the issues discussed

Step 5. University Learning and Teaching Committee and Senate will receive a summary of the outputs of the process.
Step 6. Actions are identified at stages 1, 2, and 3 and implemented in response to issues raised.

Annual Developmental Review Reports and Templates:

The University's Guidelines on Annual Developmental Review when preparing your School report.

Annual Developmental Review Reports

Templates for Annual Developmental Review



Schools are required to complete the reviews on the template except where a Professional, Statutory or Regulatory Body (PSRB) provides an alternative to be used.

Report Statistics:

Statistics for inclusion and analysis in reports are available from the Data Insights dashboards. The Planning Office is able to provide further advice and support on how to use this.

Consideration of Reports:

Schools should ensure the sections of their ADR reports are ready in time for the School and College Learning and Teaching Committee meetings designated for consideration of Annual Developmental Review sections. Contact the Committee secretary if this information is not known.

At the meeting, each school representative gives a short verbal accompaniment to their school's written report. This is followed by a general discussion by the Committee of any issues raised.

The Quality and Standards Sub-Committee considers a summary of the issues discussed by each College Learning and Teaching Committee.

Contact your College Academic Advisor, who is based in the Quality Office if you would like advice on the Annual Developmental Review process.

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