We design, operate and co-ordinate the University's planning processes, monitor external trends and developments and provide data for evidence-based decision making.

Our main activities

  • Co-ordinating the annual planning process within the Colleges
  • Ensuring the integration, availability and coherence of academic, financial and market intelligence.
  • Enabling the monitoring of progress against institutional strategy through the provision of information about University, College and Departmental key performance indicators
  • Benchmarking institutional performance and monitoring league tables
  • Advising on resource allocation and programme development
  • Fee setting and new programme development
  • Student number forecasting
  • Managing data returns to HESA, HEFCE and others
  • Managing and co-ordinating the University's Risk Management and Business Continuity processes
  • Responding to consultations on behalf of the University
  • Servicing a number of key University Committees and Groups

A glossary of reporting terms we use, including their definitions and explanations.

The Team

We are located in room 180 on the first floor of the Fielding Johnson Building. Feel free to come and see us.

Our team contact details include short outlines of specific work areas for each member of staff, to help you decide which of us can best help you.

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