'What's on the cards?'

Student Lifecycle Change Programme sessions letting you know what's on the cards throughout the 2017/18 academic year!

We have lots of exciting changes planned for the 2017/18 academic year and we'd like to tell you more about them so you can see what these changes will mean for staff and for students. We held a series of interactive 'What's on the Cards?' sessions during June and July 2017. At these sessions, groups of up to 40 staff met members of the team, took a look at some of the new technology that will be available for staff and students and heard details about all the planned programme deliverables for the 2017/18 academic year. We'll be running more of these sessions throughout the academic year to update you on programme and project progress.

'What's on the Cards - A Briefing'

We ran these shorter lecture theatre briefings during September 2017 to tell you exactly what was being launched for the start of term. This included some policy changes, new processes and some interim arrangements while we continue to work on technical solutions, including:

  • Activity taking place during Welcome Week and improvements to registration
  • Policy and process changes for mitigating circumstances and attendance management for students
  • Process changes for course transfers
  • Updates on new systems suppliers for PGR Management and Timetabling/Room Booking

If you weren't able to attend one of these sessions, you can view a recording on Blackboard. You may be asked for your University username and password.

Our projects

Here's a short overview of all our current projects. Visit the individual project web pages for more information.

ProjectWhat's on the cards?
Welcome to Leicester

This is a collaborative project, working closely with colleagues in Student and Academic Services, External Relations, Academic Colleagues, Campus Services and IT Services to deliver improvements to the way we welcome students to the University, including:

  • Improved online registration screens, including functionality for students to upload documents prior to visa/identity check
  • Completion of some registration processes at halls of residence
  • New induction template and framework for academic departments
  • Induction week timetable published online and in welcome packs
  • Student ID card to work as a payment card
Access Student Services

The Access Student Services Project will deliver an online appointment booking facility to enable students to make appointments with support staff, streamlining the process for managing and recording student service enquiries.

This project plans to deliver improvements across key student services within the Student Services Centre and make it easier for all types of student to find information about these services, as well as accessing the services themselves.

Postgraduate Research Management

This project is implementing a single system for administering key progression points of a PGR students’ journey along with a skills management system to replace the current technology (Prose).

This project plans to rationalise the various systems and databases currently used for recording PGR student activity, such as supervisory meetings or recording annual leave.

Progression Management

The Progression Management Project will deliver improvements across four areas of student progression management; course transfers, mitigating circumstances, suspensions and withdrawals.

This project will review policies and processes currently used for these progression management activities and will deliver standardised agreed policies and processes to ensure an improved and consistent experience across all academic areas.

Placements Support

The Placements Support Project aims to ensure there is a consistent approach across all academic areas for offering and supporting students with their placements, work experience and studying abroad opportunities.

The project aims to provide a technical solution, operating procedures and processes to support students prior to, during and after their time away from the University on a placement.

A 'to be' end-to-end process to support and inform these activities has been developed with colleagues from the College of Science and Engineering, the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology, Career Development Service, Museum Studies, International Office (Study Abroad, Erasmus and summer schools), School of Education and the School of Business.

Personalised Calendar

The Personalised Calendar Services will implement changes to the current timetabling and room booking processes, including the evaluation of our scheduling (teaching and examinations) and room booking system.

The project will implement a personalised calendar for students, enabling them to view their scheduled teaching and non-teaching University activities, as well as an online room booking facility.

During the 2016/17 academic year, the project is focussing on the procurement of a timetabling system. This has included a formal tendering exercise.

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