Completed Projects

These pages detail all completed projects within the Student Lifecycle Change Programme.

Within the project pages, there's some information about the project, its objectives and the benefits realised as a result of the project.

Project NameOverview of the project
Online Application Form Project (Phase 1)

A tactical project to re-design the current online application form for prospective students.

Online Application Form Project (Phase 2) Phase 1 of this project has been completed and the online form has been launched.
Phase 2 of this project delivered a small number of IT fixes.
Timetabling Autoscheduling Project A major enabling project to create a more automated rules-based approach to timetabling teaching events. This project has formally closed, with the outcomes informing the Personalised Calendar Services project.
Academic Model Project Redesigning the data structures of the University's student record system SITS, allowing us to support all student types, courses, and to enable self-service solutions.
Welcome to Leicester
Improving the overall student experience for all student types from point of registration, through to arrival and induction into the University

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