Withdrawing - postgraduate research

  • Annual tuition fees are based on 12 months of study in one academic year and a partially completed month is treated as a full month for the fee liability calculation
  • If a student withdraws within 14 days of the course start date the fee liability is nil
  • The fee liability is determined as a proportion of the annual tuition fee based on number of months in attendance prior to withdrawal as a proportion of the number of months in an academic year
Example – a student permanatly withdraws from their studies after 6 months

A UK/EU or International Postgraduate Research Student pays their entire £12,000 tuition fee in June 20X5 for a course starting in October 20X5. They choose to withdraw or are withdrawn from their course on 15 March 20X6.

Months of study: 6 months (March is counted as a full month)
Total months of study: 12 months
Fee liability calculation: 6 months/12 months x £12,000 = £6,000 fee liability
Refund due: £6,000

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