Travelling Scholarships

Eligible undergraduates students are invited to apply for a scholarship to fund travel undertaken for an academic purpose.

About Travelling Scholarships

Travelling Scholarship Awards are made to students travelling for academic purposes.  The main Travelling Scholarship Awards are normally open to all students and the Sheila Spire Awards are for trips specifically relating to ancient history and archaeology. The awards are normally made annually. In 2020 scholarships were awarded to students for plans that were unfortunately ultimately cancelled due to Covid-19.

Due to the uncertainty around the ability for students to be able to travel in 2021, and learning from 2020 where students were unable to travel after taking the time to apply and make travel plans, the University will not be opening either the Traveling Scholarship Awards or Sheila Spire Awards for 2021. This applies to new applications in 2021 only and does not affect decisions about successful 2020 applications. We hope to be able to open applications again for 2021.


Travelling Scholarships 2020 Shelia Spire Travelling Scholarships 2020

typically between £300 and £500*

* Supplementary awards may be available to the best applicants

a maximum of £450 per student*

* Supplementary awards may be available to the best applicants

Purpose to encourage students to pursue a topic of interest from their area of study to encourage students to visit and study ancient sites of special historical or architectural interest
Criteria The journey must have a defined academic purpose, but should not be associated with a specific course requirement. the travel project is not expected to directly relate to a student’s course of study but the journey must have a serious academic purpose
Eligibility foundation year, first- or second- year undergraduate students studying full time for a degree foundation year, first- or second- year undergraduate students from any subject discipline studying full time for a degree

How to apply


Please consult the scheme's guidance notes and complete the application form. You must indicate which award you are applying for:


Send your application form marked for the attention of the Secretary to the Travelling Scholarship Board (

    Travelling Scholarship reports

    Examples of successful applicants from 2019 are included below:

    • Cyndi Aiwekhoe travelled to Dallas to visit the landmarks of the civil rights movement, as an aid for her dissertation.

    View Cyndi’s travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Olivia Aroh visited Amsterdam to look at how womens' liberation has cultivated self-expression, independence and freedom for today's modern woman.

    View Olivia's travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Student travelled to Tenerife to volunteer with the Atlantic Whale and Dolphin Foundation.

    View Student’s travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Wendy Jones visited Amsterdam to delve deeper into the impact and history that World War II had on the Netherlands.

    View Wendy’s travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Keadeish Morrison visited New York to undertake a role in an unpaid internship for an associate corporate company.

    View Keadeish’s travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Phoebe Ogunwolu travelled to Amsterdam to look at the cultural and historical attributes of the city.

    View Phoebe's travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Lolade Gbajumo visited Amsterdam to explore the art, design and architecture aspects of the city.

    View Lolade's travelling scholarship report (PDF)

    • Ellen Judson travelled to Reykjavik to explore the geology that Iceland has to offer.

    View Ellen's travelling scholarship report PDF


    For all enquires relating to the Travelling Scholarships, please contact the Secretary to the Travelling Scholarship Board at

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