Money Transfer

Information for students who pay their university course fees by money transfer.

Under the University’s Anti-Money Laundering Procedures, the University will not accept transfers of funds for personal living or other expenses. Funds to cover living costs, including the cost of non-University accommodation, must be paid directly to your own bank account under a separate transaction. Any payments so received will be returned directly to the sender by the same method that payment was made.

If you received an offer of a place showing tuition fees in GBP, you can pay the University by using Western Union Business Solutions bank transfer service to make bank to bank transfers to the University of Leicester. This is recommended because:

  • We can ensure that we receive your funds within three working days from when you instruct your bank to make payment, compared with a minimum of five workings days if you organise the payment direct to our bank
  • There are no transaction charges from University of Leicester or Western Union Business Solutions
  • The rate quoted is held for 72 hours
  • There are favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • There are reduced bank fees because transfer is initiated locally
  • The full payment amount is received by University of Leicester
  • The platform is currently translated into seven different languages - French, Korean, Indonesian, English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and Hindi. Soon this will include Spanish and Japanese

To use the service you must provide student and payer details including your name, date of birth and University of Leicester Student ID number (9 digit number).

The GlobalPay for Students bank transfer platform is provided in partnership with Western Union Business Solutions and offers a choice of 37 different currencies. Paying by this method ensures your payments are reflected on your University student account within a maximum of three working days from the date you instruct your bank to make payment.

To use this service, visit the Western Union website.

Western Union

If you wish to make a payment directly to the University, please use the bank details published on our website.

Your funds need to be in the University’s bank account by the dates stated in your request for payment. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for the funds to be reflected on your student account.

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