Payment methods

Ways to pay your University fees

If you receive a payment request please ensure you are confident it has been sent by the University before making the payment. The following information can help you check any request you receive:

  • Check the email address that has sent you the request ends in or
  • Reminders to make academic or accommodation fee payments and letters asking for payment will only be emailed and a hard copy will not be posted to you.
  • The University will never provide our bank account details in a payment request, the methods of payment we accept can be found below.

If you are unsure a payment request you receive was sent by the University please contact us before making the payment.

Contact Details

Do not allow individuals to make payment on your behalf as you cannot be sure that they will make legitimate payments to the University.

Acceptable payment methods

You can pay your University fees in the following ways:

The University will not accept cash payments for tuition or accommodation fees. If you attempt to pay in cash you will be asked to take the cash to a UK bank to open a UK bank account and make a bank transfer to the University. Cash payments deposited into our bank account will also not be accepted.

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