Transfer Module

You can change your optional modules during the first two weeks of each Semester. You will need to contact your department directly to request a change of optional module.

Request to transfer modules once Online Module Selection (OLMS) has ended

  • Speak to a representative from your department to request a change to your module(s). If you wish to change to a module in a different subject you must also check with a representative from that department.
  • If your request to transfer modules is approved the departmental representative will update your modules in MyStudentRecord.

Request to transfer modules during Online Module Selection (OLMS)

We will contact your University email address when OLMS is available to select your optional modules for the next academic year. There will be a set period for you to complete this process.

  • If you log in to MyStudentRecord and select your optional modules but do not submit your choices you will be able to log back in and amend this before the OLMS deadline.
  • If you submit your optional module choices and then wish to amend them you must contact your department as stated above.

Request to transfer modules as part of a Course Transfer

  • Please enter the new optional modules on the Course Transfer form. Your modules will be updated when your course transfer is processed and we will contact your University email address with the outcome.

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