Transferring Course

If you’d like to transfer to a different course, it may be possible. You could study for a different award, change to a new specialism or an alternative course within your department. It's also possible to transfer to a course in a different department. Whatever your aim, you’ll need to know how to go about it. You can find out all you need to know here.

Please read the information on these pages carefully before completing a transfer application form so your request can be considered and the appropriate decision can be reached.

Criteria for transferring course

This section explains the criteria for transferring to a different course, details of application deadlines, the things to think about and who to speak to.

This section also includes links to Senate Regulation 2 'Regulation covering admissions and registration for taught programme'.

Completing the application form to transfer course This section provides some guidelines for completing the application and a link to the online application form to transfer course.
Financial Implications There are some potential financial implications of transferring to a different course, which you need to consider before deciding to go ahead with your transfer application. This section provides information about this and links to more information.
Visa Implications If you have a visa to study here, there are potential visa implications of transferring to a different course depending on the type of transfer you're applying for. This section provides more information about this and links to other areas for expert advice.
Transferring to Year 1 of a different course

To transfer into the first year of a different course, you must have departmental approval and be able to cover tuition fees and living costs for your new course. This section provides more details about this.

Help and support There's lots of things to consider when you're thinking about changing to another course. This section details the range of options available if you need more help or support.

Transfer to another University

The information above is designed for students who wish to transfer to another course at the University of Leicester.  If you wish to withdraw from the University and transfer to a course at another University you should follow the process for permanent withdrawal from Leicester.  This provides advice and guidance on the issues that you need to consider before submitting your request to withdraw, such as fees, funding and accommodation, and also sets out the process to withdraw.

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