Suspending or Withdrawing Courses

Process, support and guidance for the suspense or withdrawal of academic approval.

Information for staff

The suspension or withdrawal of programmes should follow the processes set out in the Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Code of Practice for the Development, Approval and Modification of Taught Provision (PDF).  This process and guidance applies to all taught programmes that lead to an award of the University, at all levels.

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The University is committed to the ongoing support of students on programmes that are suspended or withdrawn to ensure that they have the opportunity to complete the award for which they registered. This is set out in the University's Student Protection Plan which is submitted to the Office for Students and reviewed regularly.

Consult the Guide to Programme Suspension and Withdrawal if you are considering the suspension or withdrawal of a programme. This document identifies matters to consider if you and the processes to follow to make a formal request to withdraw or suspend a course.

Consideration must be given to the required period of teach-out for the programme(s) in question to ensure that students have the opportunity to complete their award.

StageApproval required

1. School proposal to suspend or withdraw a programme

Head of School

2. College-level consideration and approval of proposal

Head of College, via College Business Group
3. University-level consideration and approval of process

Quality and Standards Sub-Committee

Submit a completed Programme suspension and withdrawal form (see Resources) to

Teach out of programmes

The maximum periods of registration that a student has to complete a programme are set out in Senate Regulation 2.  The Senate Regulations form part of the University's contract with students.

When calculating the teach out period and associated staffing and support requirements Departments and Colleges should pay particular attention to the maximum possible periods of registration that cohorts or individual students have to complete their studies and have plans in place to ensure that all students are supported.

The following table indicates the period that should be taken into consideration when programmes are withdrawn:

Type of ProvisionMaximum period of registration (as defined in Senate Regulation 2)
Full Time
UG bachelors programme 5 years
UG with integrated year (Industry / Abroad) 6 years
Integrated Masters 6 years
Integrated Masters with Industry / Abroad 7 years
Campus based Masters 2 years
Part time / DL
Masters 4 years
UG Up to 7 years
Interim awards Variable - check with Quality Office


Contact and support

Any queries regarding the process for the suspense or withdrawal of programmes should be directed to

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