Undergraduate Courses 2011-2012

Programme specifications - including programme regulations (course structure) and skills matrices - for undergraduate courses 2011-12 entry

  • With the exception of degrees offered by the School of Modern Languages, if you pass a year spent overseas as part of your degree you will graduate with the degree title "...with a Year Abroad". The destination will be noted on your transcript

  • The information on this page should not be used as a indicator of whether or not the programme is recruiting in the current academic year.

  • Please refer to the Module Database for the module specifications associated with each course
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College of Arts, Humanities and Law

American Studies
BA American Studies (PDF)  
Archaeology and Ancient History
BA Ancient History and Archaeology (PDF) BA Archaeology (by distance learning) (PDF)
BA Ancient History and History (PDF) BSc Archaeology (PDF)
BA Archaeology (PDF) BA Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (by distance learning) (PDF)
Combined Studies
BA Combined Studies (PDF)  
BA English (PDF) BA English and History (PDF)
BA English and American Studies (PDF) BA English and History with a Year Abroad (PDF)
Historical Studies
BA Contemporary History (PDF) BA History (PDF)
BA History and American Studies (PDF) BA History and Archaeology (PDF)
BA History and Politics (PDF)   
History of Art and Film
BA Film Studies and English (PDF) BA History of Art (PDF) 
BA Film Studies and the Visual Arts (PDF) BA History of Art and English (PDF)
LLB European Union (PDF) LLB Maitrise in English and French Law (PDF)
LLB International (PDF) LLB Law with French Law and Language (PDF)
LLB Law (PDF) LLB Senior Status  (PDF)
Modern Languages
BA European Studies (PDF) BA Modern Language Studies (PDF)
BA French and English (PDF) BA Modern Languages with Film Studies (PDF)
BA French and Italian (PDF) BA Modern Languages with History of Art (PDF)
BA French and Spanish (PDF) BA Modern Languages with Management  (PDF)
BA Italian and English (PDF) BA Spanish and English (PDF)
BA Italian and Spanish (PDF)  

College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology

Biological Sciences
BSc Biological Sciences/with a Year in Industry/with a Year Abroad (PDF)
(Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Physiology with Pharmacology, Zoology)
MBiolSci Biological Sciences (PDF)
BSc Medical Biochemistry/with a Year in Industry/with a Year Abroad (PDF)  BSc Medical Genetics/with a Year in Industry/with a Year Abroad (PDF)
BSc Medical Physiology/with a Year in Industry/with a Year Abroad (PDF) BSc/MBiol Medical Microbiology/with a Year in Industry/with a Year Abroad(PDF)
MBChB (PDF) Diploma in Operating Department Practice (PDF) (Extract from Course Information document)
BSc Psychology (PDF) BSc Psychology with Biology (PDF)
BSc Psychology with Cognitive Neuroscience (PDF) BSc Psychology with Neuroscience (PDF)
BSc Psychology with Sociology (PDF)  

College of Science and Engineering

All BSc Chemistry (PDF) and Biochemistry variants including Chemical Biology/(Industry), Chemistry/(Industry)/(Year Abroad), Chemistry with Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry All MChem Chemistry (PDF) and Biological Chemistry variants including Chemical Biology/(Year Abroad), Chemistry/(Industry)/(Year Abroad), with Forensic Science, Pharmaceutical Chemistry/(Industry) 
Computer Science
BSc Computer Science Degrees including 'with a Year Abroad/with a year in Industry' (PDF) MComp Computer Science (PDF)
BSc Computing Degrees including 'with a Year Abroad/with a Year in Industry' (PDF) BSc Computing with Management Degrees including 'with a Year Abroad/with a year in Industry' (PDF)
BEng/MEng degrees(PDF):
    BEng/MEng Aerospace     BEng/MEng Communications and Electronic
    BEng/MEng Electrical and Electronic     BEng/MEng General
    BEng/MEng Mechanical     BEng/MEng Software and Electronic
BA Geography (PDF) BSc Geography (PDF) 
BSc Geography and Archaeology (PDF) BSc Geography and Geology (PDF) 
BA Human Geography (PDF) BSc Physical Geography (PDF) 
BSc Physical Geography with a Year Abroad (PDF)  
BSc Applied and Environmental Geology (PDF) MGeol Applied and Environmental Geology (PDF)
BSc Geology (PDF)
MGeol Geology (PDF)
MGeol Geology with a Year Abroad (PDF) (North America/New Zealand)  BSc Geology with Geophysics (PDF)
MGeol Geology with Geophysics (PDF) BSc Geology with Palaeobiology (PDF)
MGeol Geology with Palaeobiology (PDF) 
BSc Financial Mathematics (PDF) BA Mathematics (PDF) 
BSc Mathematics degrees (PDF) MMath degrees (PDF)
BSc Mathematics with Economics (PDF)  
Physics and Astronomy
BSc Physics degrees (PDF) MPhys degrees  (PDF)
BSc/MSci Interdisciplinary Science (PDF)  

College of Social Science

BA Criminology (PDF) BA Security and Risk Management (by distance learning) (PDF)
BA Banking and Finance (PDF) BSc Banking and Finance (PDF)
BA Business Economics/BA Business Economics with a Year Abroad (PDF) BSc Business Economics (PDF)
BA Economics/BA Economics with a Year Abroad (PDF) BSc Economics (PDF)
BSc Financial Economics (PDF)  BA Financial Economics/BA Financial Economics with a Year Abroad (PDF)
Economics Diploma (PDF) 
FdA/BA Educational Studies for Teaching Assistants (PDF)  
Labour Market Studies
BSc Human Resource Management (HRM) (PDF)  
Lifelong Learning
BA Counselling (PDF) BA Humanities and Arts (PDF)  
BA Management Studies (PDF) BA Management Studies and Economics (PDF) 
BA Management Studies and Politics (PDF)  
Media and Communication
BSc Communications, Media and Society (PDF) BA Media and Sociology (PDF) 
Politics and International Relations
BA International Relations (PDF) BA International Relations and History (PDF) 
BA Politics (PDF) BA Politics and Economics (PDF)
BA Politics and Sociology (PDF)  
BA Sociology (PDF)  

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