Course Documentation

Programme and module specifications define the academic standards of University courses. You can view and download approved specifications via this page.

Programme specifications have a layered format consisting of:

  • a summary of programme aims and intended outcomes
  • an outline of the course structure (typically in the form of the approved programme regulations)
  • a skills matrix (undergraduate courses only), showing how the intended learning outcomes are delivered through the core modules which make up the programme
  • a set of module specifications

Module specifications include information about how a module is taught and assessed and the intended learning outcomes for the student.

Approved programme and module specifications

Due to the ongoing impact of the global pandemic we have had to evaluate all of our courses to ensure that we adhere to Government guidelines to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and students. This means that as we work through these changes the modules, delivery methods and assessments shown, including those shown for future years, are subject to change.

  • View and download approved specifications:

Information for staff

Course documentation templates

Errors and amendments

Report errors found in course documentation outside the curriculum planning period via the late curriculum change request online form for consideration at University and College level. Please note that there is no guarantee of acceptance of late changes.

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