Supporting Material

These documents and templates are for use during the Curriculum Change process.

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Notes of Guidance on Curriculum Planning A document outlining the principles, process and supporting documentation for curriculum planning
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Code of Practice on Programme Development. Approval and Modification

The Code of Practice on Programme Development, Approval and Modification sets out the principles underpinning the process of curriculum planning.

Summary and Rationale Form (Programme)

Summary and Rationale Form (Module)

All requests for amendments to programmes must be accompanied by the appropriate rationale form
Adobe Acrobat (PDF)Summary table of approval routes and consultation A table setting out the various types of changes that can be undertaken via Curriculum Planning, the level of approval required and the level of consultation that may be required
Curriculum Change Process Map A high-level overview of all the steps involved in the Curriculum Change process.
Student Consultation A range of documents to support the process of student consultation
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Guidance on Learning Outcomes LLI guidance on writing effective learning outcomes.
Late Curriculum Change Application Application to make changes after the close of Curriculum Planning
Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Curriculum Planning Quick Guide Curriculum Planning Quick Guide to assist with updates to the system for changes to all modules at all levels for 2019/20 and 2020/21
Curriculum Planning additional reports Links to Business Objects reports that will assist with the Curriculum Planning exercise

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