Student Consultation

Requirements, guidance and resources for undertaking student consultation on planned changes to courses and modules


Under Consumer Rights Legislation and good practice as articulated by the Competitions and Marketing Authority (CMA) the University is required to consult with current students regarding substantive changes to programmes and modules that they are studying.  Where amendments are proposed to the entry level of a programme it may also be necessary to inform offer holders on that programme of the changes.

Guidance on Student Consultation

The Curriculum Planning Summary grid sets out the circumstances under which consultation and, in some cases consent, is required with students, before changes to programmes and modules can be approved.

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New students

Where the University has made an offer of a place to a student this includes a summary of the programme structure that they will study.  This forms part of the University's contract with the student.  If the University subsequently changes that programme structure this must be communicated to offer holders so that they can consider this as part of their decision making.

Where changes affect new students, these should be submitted for approval before they are communicated to offer holders.

Following approval, departments should complete a Programme Change Communication setting out the key features of the revised curriculum and submit this to the Admissions Office, which will manage communication with offer holders.

For amendments affecting NEW students

Stage 1 Develop Curriculum Planning submission and approve at Departmental Level
Stage 2 Submit for University level approval
Stage 3 Once approved, complete Programme Change Communication
Stage 4 Submit Programme Change Communication to Admissions Office

Outline consultation process for returning students

Unlike new students, returning students should be consulted regarding changes to their programmes before the changes can be approved.  The following guidance sets out the process and tools that should be used for engaging with students regarding proposed changes, for seeking their approval and how to respond to any concerns or issues that may be raised via this process.

For amendment affecting returning students

StageProcessDocumentation / Guidance
Stage 1 Develop Curriculum Planning submission and approve in principle at departmental level
Stage 2 Undertake consultation with students where required as indicated in the Summary Grid
Stage 3 Record outcome of consultation process and address student concerns
Stage 4 If approved by students, submit changes for University level approval

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