What to expect

Every team and every process is different, so every process improvement will be different but we are here to find a way to improve things that works for you and your team.

If we have learned one thing over the last few years about change it's that there isn't a one size fits all way of doing things. We will work with you and your team to find a process that means sense for you. We have a range of tools and activities at our disposal and depending on the size of the process and it's impact we will use more or less of them but there will be work to do in each of the four stages of the Leicester approach.

Whilst not exhaustive the table below will give you an idea of the kinds of activities involved in a facilitated process improvement.

Inquiry, scoping and contracting
Analysis and study - applying theoryDesigning what better will beImplement and measure impact

Contracting - scope and boundaries of work,
objectives, what end product is, how will
we know it worked 
Commitment - what we expect from each other and how we will work together
Quad of aims
Defining the project


Gathering and analysing demand - what matters to customers
Measures/data - how do we know how well things are working
Business process - understand value work and waste work
Process mapping

Redesign - what would perfect look like
Measures - what would we measure in the future
Roles and responsibilities - who needs to do what to make it happen
How it will be in future - what can we do ourselves what do we need help with

Action plan - what are the next steps
Exit plan - how the Continuous Improvement Team will support you
Evaluation -
this is what we set out to do,
this is what we did,
these are the measures,
intended impact vs actual impact,
lessons learned
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Who will be involved

As part of the inquiry, scoping and contracting phase we will identify who needs to be involved based on the size and impact of the process. For a substantial piece of work, typically there will be involvement from everyone on the list below although it's worth noting that one person could fulfil more that one role.

  • Sponsor
  • Process Owner
  • Facilitator
  • Project Team
  • Student/Customer

Taking the first guiding principle of putting the student/customer at the centre, we want to involve students in the pieces of work we undertake. This will mean them having a part to play whether at scoping stage or a substantive role for bigger pieces of work, assisting with implementation. This keeps us closely rooted to our customer, supports student development from employability perspective and also important work with student engagement.

How long it will take

A facilitated process improvement can take any amount of time. If a team can only commit to a few hours at a time then the work will involve time spent focusing on the improvement each week over several weeks. This keeps up momentum of the work and allows continuity in the work place. The work might also be concentrated over as little as a week but during that time we would work with you quite intensively spending most of the day out of the office.

The important thing to note is that we will work with you to find a time commitment that work is both flexible and appropriate for your team.

After the facilitator leaves

Once we have identified and implemented improvements with you we will continue to support you and your team by helping you to build routines that embed the underlying principles. We'll check in with you, regularly at first and then less as time goes on, to make sure that you are happy with how the changes you have made are working and to support you and the team in further development of your understanding of continuous improvement. Maybe even to help you scope your next piece of improvement work.

The team are only ever a phone call or email away if there is anything that you would like to discuss regarding any aspect of continuous improvement or change more generally.


Contact us

email: continuousimprovement@leicester.ac.uk
call: 0116 252 5231

If you are interested in continuous improvement and want to talk about how we can support you and your team we would love to hear from you.

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