Continuous improvement articles, documents and templates.

The resources here are organised in a way that reflects the Leicester approach to continuous improvement. You will find a mixture of DIY templates and articles that might help you with understanding or carrying out a piece of process improvement work in your team.

Inquiry and Scoping
Getting Started A range of exercises to do with your team. These will get you thinking and talking about issues in your processes and act as a starting point for potential improvement work.
Quad of Aims This is a template to help you define the scope of an improvement. If you are doing a facilitated improvement with us then we will work through with you at the start.
Analysis and learning
What is purpose This article outlines a way of looking at your work that puts the customer at the centre, which is the first principle of the Leicester approach to continuous improvement.
The 8 Wastes of HE This infographic gives some examples of some of the typical places you might find waste when looking at how your work works.
Following the flow of the work
Getting started This is a short presentation which gives an overview of how to follow the flow of the work. You can follow the steps and apply them to your own processes.
Measurements This guide gives a brief introduction to different types of measure and shows the importance of measuring the right thing. There are a number of questions you can go through with your team when looking at your processes.
Evidencing Benefits This guide is a long read but towards the back there is a useful toolbox and glossary that could be a good starting place to build a range of measures that you can use for different situations.

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