Attendance Management for Students

Attendance is an important part of learning and your student experience. We want you to achieve in your studies, and regular attendance and engagement with your course helps you do this.

Registering your attendance at timetabled events is easy, all you need to do is touch your student ID card against one of the readers in the room until it turns green. This registers your attendance at this event.

These pages provide information about registering your attendance, how your attendance is recorded, your responsibilities and what happens if you don't attend.

Your attendance at timetabled teaching events

This section explains more about:Touch green 2

  • How to register your attendance
  • Your responsibilities and the University's responsibilities, including links to the Policy on Attendance at Timetabled Teaching Events and Senate Regulation 4 'Regulations governing student attendance')
  • What to do if you're having issues with your Student ID card
Authorised absences You can ask your department for permission to have short periods of absence for personal or religious reasons. This section provides more details about this.
Unauthorised absences There is a staged process for managing unauthorised absences from teaching sessions. This section explains what happens during each of these stages.
Attendance panels If you've been absent for four consecutive teaching weeks then your case may be referred to a departmental attendance panel. This section explains more about what happens during a panel meeting, and what the possible outcomes are.
Help and support Attending your timetabled events is important, but your wellbeing is important to us too. This section details the range of options available if you need more help or support.

If you've been absent for four consecutive teaching weeks you'll need to complete a non-attendance evidence form with full details of the reasons for your absence and supporting documentary evidence. More information is provided on our unauthorised absence page.