Student Engagement 2021/22

Consistent engagement is a requirement for all campus-based programmes of study (full or part-time), and is key to you successfully completing our programmes.

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In light of a return to campus-based teaching we have revised our approach to learning and teaching and developed a new Policy on Student Engagement 2021/22. This policy allows us to:

  • Provide teaching and learning in lie with UK government requirements
  • Adapt to any local or global changes.
  • Provide you with appropriate support.
  • Ensure compliance with UKVI requirements linked to sponsored students.
  • Ensure compliance with the Student Loans Company (SLC), in relation to students who have been withdrawn.

Your school will advise you of the specific engagement requirements of your course, including activities and events that are mandatory. Schools monitor your engagement with campus-based face-to-face events, as well as digital learning materials and events. If your school assesses that your engagement levels are low enough to affect your studies, they will reach out to offer support.

Many of our schools are delivering teaching using Blackboard and Teams, and will monitor your engagement with online materials. Physical attendance at face-to-face events is recorded when you swipe your ID card against the card readers in our centrally timetabled teaching spaces. You can register your attendance up to 15 minutes before the start time of a teaching event.

Further guidance for Schools on how to manage the policy are available in the Engagement Monitoring section on Sharepoint..

Please read the information on the below pages carefully:

Your engagement with your programme of study

This page explains more about:

  • Expectations regarding your engagement.
  • Your responsibilities and the University's responsibilities.
  • What to do if you're having issues with your Student ID card.
Authorised absences You can ask your school for permission to have short periods of absence for personal or religious reasons. This page provides further details about this.
Non-engagement If your levels of engagement with your programme of study are low enough to be of concern, your school will reach out to you to offer you support so you can reach the best possible academic outcome. This page provides further details about this.
Student Engagement Panels
If your engagement is low enough that your school considers your studies to be at risk, your case may be referred to a student engagement panel.. This section explains more about what happens during a panel meeting, and what the possible outcomes are.
Help and support Attending your timetabled events is important, but your wellbeing is important to us too. This section details the range of options available if you need more help or support.

The manual attendance management process should still be used for ELTU and PGCE students on placement/year out and medical students undertaking non-timetabled events.

Useful documents and links

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