Taking Examinations Overseas

The dates for the Semester 2 Examination period are Monday 4 to Friday 22 May 2020 (inclusive).

The Semester 2 Examination 2020 timetable will be published by 5pm on 27 March 2020.

Deadline to apply to take examinations overseas is the 1 March 2020 (late applications will not be accepted).

Overseas Examinations

If you are a Without Residence student in 2019/20 you may be permitted to take your Semester 2 Examinations 2020 at an approved overseas centre in your home country. This is a special dispensation and there is no automatic right for you to be able to do so. If you wish to take your examinations at a centre which is not in your home country, you must contact Exams Office before making your application.

The following departments will NOT allow examinations to be taken overseas.  If your department is on the list, you must return to Leicester to sit your examinations.

  • Biological Sciences
  • Geology
  • Computer based exams are not permitted to be sat overseas (All departments)


Examinations will be arranged through British Councils. Where there is no British Council Office available, educational institutions may be considered, providing the security of the University's examination procedures can be adhered to. British Council details can be found here.


Please note that the overseas centre will charge you a fee for conducting your examinations. You are strongly advised to contact the centre where you wish to take your examinations to establish what charges will apply.

Overseas Examinations Application Form

To apply to take your Semester 2 Examinations 2020 overseas, please complete the Application Form.

The deadline for applications to take Semester 2 Examinations 2020 overseas is 1 March 2020 and it will not be possible to accept applications after this date.

On receipt of your application, Exams Office will contact the centre specified in your application form.

You will be notified of the outcome of your application via e-mail by 5pm on 3 April 2020.  If you have not heard from the Exams Office by this date, please contact exams@le.ac.uk.

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