Marks Entry

Information for staff

All undergraduate and campus-based taught postgraduate assessment marks must be recorded in MyStudentRecord.

What's changed in 2015/16

There are a few changes to be aware of when entering marks for 2015/16:

University grading structures

Undergraduate and postgraduate assessment marks must be entered with a grade into MyStudentRecord. This grade acts as a signal to tell SITS how to process the assessment mark.

Who does Marks Entry?
Departmental marks entry contacts are responsible for entering marks into MyStudentRecord.
New to Marks Entry?

If you are new to the role of Marks Entry then you will need to:

When are marks entered?

Marks are entered into MyStudentRecord at various times of the year.

Marks Entry Help

The Registry can advise you on Marks Return procedures, module assessment patterns, transcripts and application of new grading structures.

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