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This page gives information on the External Examining process including:

Term of office

The term of office for external examiners is usually four years. Extensions beyond this period are only permitted in exceptional circumstances and would not exceed one additional year.

Appointment process

The nomination and approval process for appointing an external examiner is:

  1. the head of department/school fills out relevant sections of the Word external examiner nomination form (Word)
  2. the department sends completed nomination form, to the Quality Office (; Fielding Johnson Building) for consideration by the Quality and Standards Sub Committee (QSSC)
  3. nomination is considered by QSSC
    (QSSC reserves the right to request additional information about the prospective examiner that is relevant to the nomination process if it deems appropriate)

    if approved by QSSC:
  4. the Quality Office writes to the external examiner with full details of the appointment.

Extension to term of appointment

In cases where an External Examiner's initial appointment was for a period of less than four years, and a department wishes to extend the term of appointment it must complete the nomination form and send to the Quality Office by email to

Extension requests require approval by the Chair of the Quality and Standards Sub Committee (QSSC). If the extension is approved, the Quality Office will send a letter to the External Examiner confirming their extended appointment.


As part of his/her duties, external examiners are required to provide an External Examiner Report to the Quality Office in each of the years of their period of service. Reports should be submitted to the Quality Office by the following deadlines:

  • Undergraduate programmes 31 July of each year
  • Postgraduate programmes 31 December of each year

The Quality Office will contact External Examiners before their reports are due with an electronic copy of the form and details on how to submit it.


Course Fee
Undergraduate courses £200 flat rate payment for each examiner plus
£10 per finalist
Non-subject based External Examiners
(e.g. Combined Studies)
£250 flat rate payment
Foundation Degrees £200 flat rate payment for each examiner plus
£10 per finalist
Certificates of Higher Education £250 flat rate payment
Diplomas of Higher Education £250 flat rate payment
Masters courses

£100 flat rate payment for each examiner plus
£17 per FTE registered on the course

The fee per student for Postgraduate Diplomas or Postgraduate Certificates is reduced in line with the number of credits (£11.33 for Postgraduate Diplomas and £5.66 for Postgraduate Certificates)

Distance Learning Programmes External examiners for distance learning programmes are paid by Departments. Examiners will be advised by the Quality  Office to contact the Department regarding their fee at the appropriate time.

Fees are paid on receipt of the report submitted to the Quality Office. External Examiners need to complete a form supplied to them by the Quality Office in order to claim their fee and expenses.

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