Your Exam Timetable (Campus Based)

Additional Exam Period - The re-assessment period will now take place in August 2020. There will be no physical examinations and all assessments will be undertaken remotely. Dates will be released shortly by your School. Please contact your School Office with any queries relating to these assessments. Please note your exams will not be published in your University calendar for this assessment period.

Your exams are published in your University calendar, in the same way that your timetabled activities are. You can view your calendar using:
  • Microsoft Outlook app on your mobile device
  • MyCalendar in the MyUoL app on your mobile device (read-only version)
  • Microsoft Outlook on your personal PC/Mac, or a University PC
When using the MyUoL app, we would recommend viewing your calendar in day view.
Find out more about accessing your calendar on the email and calendar help pages.

It is your responsibility to ensure that any mobile devices and computers you use to view your University Calendar are set to UK time, otherwise events may not display correctly.

If you are registered for alternative exam arrangements (i.e. additional time, alternative exam venue and/or the use of a computer) in addition you will also receive an email sent to your university email address. This email will provide further details regarding the exam venue and a clearer breakdown of any additional time you may be entitled to.

If you are retaking an exam, ‘_R’ will be displayed within the event.


Medical School Students and Distance Learning Student Exams

As has been the case in previous years, some students will receive exam information through other channels:

  • Medical School Students will be advised of their Medical exam commitments directly by the School of Medicine
  • Distance Learning Students will be advised of their exam commitments directly by their dedicated DL Hub Administration Team. Dates are independent of the main campus based exams


Exam Dates

As a student, you are required to be available to attend examinations on any day (including Saturdays) throughout all formal examination and marking periods.

Special arrangements cannot be made to accommodate your personal preferences, unless these arise from specific religious requirements or are associated with support measures recommended by the AccessAbility Centre. You are required to notify the University at the commencement of the academic year, using the religious observance request form.

Examination Period 2019/20Dates
Semester One Monday 6 January to Saturday 11 January 2020
Semester Two Monday 4 May to Friday 22 May 2020**
Additional August 2020 - Dates will be released by your School shortly

* Examination dates may be subject to change. Distance Learning and Medical School exam dates are issued separately.

** Bank Holiday has now been announced as Friday 8 May 2020.


Questions about your Exam Timetable

If you have any questions about your exam timetable, please refer to the query guides below:

If your question is not answered above, please speak to your School Administration Team. If you need technical help with accessing your exam activities your calendar, refer to the IT help pages.


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