Staff Recognition Scheme

The Student and Academic Services scheme that recognises colleagues that go above and beyond the day to day work expectations and inspire others.

We think it’s really important to say ‘thank you’ and to recognise when staff in our teams are working hard to deliver excellent service, whether dealing directly with students, working with other colleagues, or supporting the work of the Division and University more generally. No matter what your role is within the Division, we all have a part to play in maximising student success.

Our recently launched staff recognition scheme is about recognising achievements made on a day-to-day basis that are in line with the VITAL values:

Thank you postcard
  • Valuing People
  • Supporting Innovation
  • Working Together
  • Being Accountable
  • Demonstrating Leadership

We're trialling the scheme in the division's Leadership Team and Managers’ Group throughout autumn 2017, before rolling out to all our other areas and teams.

How it works

If you think someone's gone above and beyond their day to day work expectations and they inspire others with the way they work, you can complete a short paper thank you postcard, or submit an entry online. The nominee's positive contribution will be shared with the rest of the division through our Student and Academic Services Yammer group.

If you're from another division you can still nominate a colleague in Student and Academic Services.

If a member of your team has been given a thank you card, please send the details of their nomination to

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