Quality Office Staff Page

NameEmail TelephonePosition
Kathryn Brennan kb267@le.ac.uk 252 3639 Academic Advisor to the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities 
(Business; Criminology; Education; Media, Communication and Sociology, Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning)
Claire Campbell cc397@le.ac.uk 252 5199 Administrative Assistant
James Donovan jd239@le.ac.uk 252 2197 Assistant Registrar (Complaints and Appeals)
James Fenwick jf296@le.ac.uk 252 1373 Quality Officer
Kate Galloway klep2@le.ac.uk 223 1379 Academic Advisor to the College of Medicine, Biological Sciences and Psychology
(Wednesday to Friday)
Lisa Griffiths lg237@le.ac.uk 373 6271 Quality Officer (Collaborative and Partnerships)

Gosia Mobbs (nee Juchniewicz)

maj28@le.ac.uk 373 6463 Project Manager (Curriculum Transformation projects)
Lisa Law ljm34@le.ac.uk 252 2537 Quality Support Administrator 
(Monday to Wednesday)
Louise Masterman lm32@le.ac.uk 252 2413 Deputy Director of Academic Services (Quality, Curriculum and Compliance)
Liz McKenna emm30@le.ac.uk 252 3451 Quality Officer (Appeals, Complaints and Discipline)
Katherine Moffett

Academic Advisor

On Maternity leave Oct 17 - Oct 18

Andrew Petersen

ap262@le.ac.uk 229 7458 Assistant Registrar (Quality and Standards)
Collaborative Provision
Kathryn Pollard
kjp27@le.ac.uk 223 1917 Academic Advisor to the College of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities
Jackie Rawling jr374@le.ac.uk 229 7808 Project Manager (Curriculum Transformation)
Julie Withers jdw33@le.ac.uk 252 2537 Quality Support Administrator 
(Wednesday to Friday)
qualoffice@le.ac.uk Academic Advisor to the College of Science and Engineering
qualoffice@le.ac.uk 252 2605 Secretary to the Senate Disciplinary Committee

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Student Lifecycle - Project 'Go Live' Support

Information and contact details for all staff affected by changes being implemented to:

  • Attendance Management
  • Mitigating Circumstances
  • Course Transfers