Distance Learning Teams

Distance Learning Study Team
(all courses except School of Business)
dlstudy@le.ac.uk +44 (0)116 252 2903
School of Business ulsb.study@le.ac.uk +44 (0)116 252 5649

Our purpose: 'Enable students to achieve their intended award/outcome'

We have a set of operating principles for both 'improving' and 'doing' the work, which support us to achieve our purpose:

Improving the work

  • We are clear about our purpose and what matters to enquirers, applicants and students
  • We apply measures so that we know where we have improved and where we can improve further
  • We measure the system capability and act on our system accordingly
  • We measure demand and our capability to meet it, taking action accordingly to eliminate failure demand and the causes of waste
  • We measure demand when it will better help us understand what’s important to students to evidence and reflect on system improvements
  • We design seamless processes which take into account the end-to-end journey and deliver against purpose

Doing the work

  • We handle demand at first point of contact and don’t hand off work
  • We provide consistent levels of support to our students and treat them equally
  • We ensure that all information is accessible and communications are accurate and timely
  • We only request information for what we need, once, at the time when we need it
  • We understand our policies and regulations and apply them consistently
  • We challenge the status-quo when in the interest of the student, based on evidence and understanding of the end to end system
  • We will have a single student record system that supports our end to end business processes

The Distance Learning Teams are based on the 5th floor of the Charles Wilson Building.

Our team contact details provide a breakdown of the Colleges that the teams work with as well as generic telephone numbers and email addresses that can be given to students.

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