Service Level Statement

The Safety Services Office commitment to provide a consistent level of service to the University

Who we are

Safety Services consists of a team of qualified safety professionals with extensive health and safety experience and knowledge within the University sector [biological/chemical fire, radiation, and general practitioners].

We are able to respond to needs in a sensitive, professional and reliable manner.

We ensure that we effectively liaise with other service areas within the University to provide the level of support that is correct for your department/function.

Our approach is hands-on and we provide our services at executive, managerial and operational levels. We seek to offer pragmatic risk-based solutions in accordance with the principle of sensible and proportional risk management.

What we do

We are able to provide a variety of support services to all departments and functions.   This will assist Heads and Directors to meet their legal responsibilities to develop robust safety management systems to effectively manage the health, safety, welfare risks to staff, students, contractors and visitors involved in, or affected by university activities – be they on or off campus.

This is achieved by:

  • A team of professionals who are highly experienced and knowledgeable on health and safety matters
  • The commitment to provide a service that is responsive, customer-focused and supportive
  • The promotion of a positive safety culture, ensuring a safe and healthy environment for all staff, students, contractors and visitors
  • Recognising that departments and functions have varying and individual needs and each are unique

Our services to you

Policy, Plans & Procedures -  assistance with the production of department/function specific health and safety policies, health and safety action plans, guidance and procedures

Advice and guidance – to respond  to all enquiries and ensure compliance with legal requirements and University policy including technical advice or support:

  • during major/refurbishment building work, the management of contractors and attendance at pre-start / project review meetings
  • planning for off-site activities [e.g. travel, placement and fieldwork] and event safety
  • radiation / biological / chemical/ fire safety

Risk Assessments - support on developing a range of risk assessments based on gap analysis and advice on the implementation of any necessary control measures.

Collaboration with External Agencies - liaison with HSE, the police, fire and rescue service, Environment Agency, DoT, Insurance services and any other interested parties in accident reduction initiatives, risk assessments, etc.

Accident reporting, monitoring and investigation - immediate support in the event of an accident, incident or near miss and any subsequent investigations including:

  • Reporting all RIDDOR reportable accidents to the HSE on behalf of the university

Information, instruction and Training

  • The provision of information and summary briefing notes (circulars) on new legislation and ‘hot topics’ to help Departments/functions meet their responsibilities.
  • A wide range of focused health and safety training courses.

Monitoring and Audit - assistance with Departmental inspections and audit of health and safety management systems on a rolling programme to support compliance with legislation.

Consultation - with Heads / Directors and trade unions via the University health and safety committee.

Emergency arrangements - assistance with the production of department/function specific local procedures and arrangements

Service availability

Safety Services can be contacted during normal ‘office’ hours
t.  0116 252 2426  

Enquiries will be acknowledged straightaway if the officers are available or as soon as possible thereafter.

In the event of an emergency / out of hours - Safety Services contact numbers have been lodged with Security as part of the Major Incident Plan. 

Service delivery

General advice on safety matters will be provided objectively and based upon UK legislation and University policy:

  • Immediately on the phone if straightforward or in writing (email) within 48 hours
  • If a longer time is required for research or because of other priorities or staff absence/leave then the party making the enquiry will be advised of the likely turn-around time.
  • Assistance with safety tasks e.g. with risk assessments, hazardous waste disposal, training etc. will be delivered at the earliest possible date and time that can be agreed between the parties. 

The accident/incident investigation process will:

  • Commence immediately an event is brought to the attention of Safety Services by whatever means [telephone, email, post].
  • We will use professional judgement to decide how far an investigation should be taken - taking into account the possible severity of injury or damage that may have occurred, even if there was none from that particular event.
  • We will make statutory reports to enforcing authorities within 1 working day of the receipt of necessary information.
  • All reported events will be recorded, categorised and reported to the University Health and Safety Committee.  Recommendations / action plans on how to avoid reoccurrence will be made where necessary to all parties and reviewed at Health and Safety Committee [local and/or corporate].

Our commitment to you

  • A service that is tailored and dedicated to supporting departments/functions to meet its statutory duties.
  • A service that complies with health and safety, university procedures and best practice.
  • The provision of continuous improvement, which includes striving to provide the best value service by utilising technological advances and e-enabled systems wherever possible.
  • A service that is responsive, customer-focused and supportive.
  • Assigning a H&S lead contact akin to ‘business partner’ at College / Division level.
  • Access to a pool of professionally trained, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced staff.
  • Access to a team which takes a common sense approach to health and safety.
  • Knowledge of, and access to, other experts within the university.
  • Shared intelligence and lessons learned from other universities and the HSE

Our expectations

To help maintain this level of service departments and functions will need to play their part by:

  • Manage health, safety and fire safety according to the requirements of the University’s Health and Safety Policy and Statement of Organisation and Arrangements;

Provide a named contact:

  • by Dept. [Department Safety Officer],
  • by building [Building Safety Supervisor];
  • Undertake regular health and safety inspections for each department;
  • Report all accidents and incidents to the Safety Services.

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