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Health and safety at the University of Leicester


Statement of University Health and Safety Policy

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Our duty of care

The University of Leicester has a duty of care under civil law to everybody on University sites. The University also has a legal duty to comply with the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 (“HASAWA”) and safeguard the health and safety of its employees and those exposed to their activities.

Your duties:

  • to take reasonable care for your own health and safety and that of others;
  • to co-operate with the University to ensure workplace health and safety;
  • not to interfere or misuse items provided for safety reasons; and
  • to report problems or dangers which could affect health or safety.

The policy does not apply to commuting, unless an employee is travelling from home to a location that is not their usual place of work (e.g. driving direct to a conference venue or site meeting).

See your copy of Health and Safety Law - What you need to know.

Ultimately health and safety depends on the acts and omissions of individuals. All staff in the University have a role to play.

In addition to HASAWA itself, the University must also comply with various regulations made under the Act which cover specific safety issues, including:

as well as separate legislation such as The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order and the Environmental Protection Act.

This legislation is enforced by various agencies such as the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Fire Service.

University of Leicester health and safety policy

The health and safety policy document sets out the health and safety aims of the University and outlines the general organization and arrangements in force throughout the University for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

The policy document is supplemented by separate booklets containing local rules, codes of practice or guidance on specific topics. All of these documents are available online from the Safety Services Office website (viewable by Staff of the University of Leicester)

In an organization as complex  as the University, it is not practical to cover all of the safety arrangements in a single manageable document. Accordingly, each department is required  to supplement the central documentation with local statements of policy and arrangements.

This information usually included in a departmental safety manual or booklet, can address safety matters of particular relevance to that department in detail and must be made available to all department members.

Organising for health and safety


The ultimate responsibility for health and safety within the University lies with the University Council. The Vice-Chancellor, as the senior executive officer of the University is responsible to the University Council for ensuring that managers are aware of and fulfill their health and safety responsibilities.

The Registrar and Secretary has authority delegated by the Vice-Chancellor to
ensure that all staff and students comply with relevant legislation and all Codes of Practice, guidance notes and other safety procedures approved by the University Council.

Heads of Colleges/Corporate Services and Heads of Departments are responsible for safety matters within the area, although specific aspects of policy implementation may be delegated to specialists or others within their area.

Members of staff who have managerial or supervisory duties (Line Managers) are responsible to their senior manager for compliance with University health and safety policy and arrangements relevant to their managerial or supervisory responsibility.


Departmental Safety Officers are appointed to assist Heads of Departments in an advisory capacity only.

In multi-department buildings and residential accommodation, management may also be assisted by Building Safety Supervisors who act in an advisory capacity and are concerned with safety matters which are not specific to a single department.

The University has appointed specialist safety advisors who, with the exception of the Laser Safety Officer, are located within the Safety Services Office.

Staff health and safety responsibilities and the duties of the various safety advisors are detailed in the Health and Safety Policy document.


The University Health and Safety Committee is responsible to Council for providing advice on all matters of health and safety policy, and monitoring implementation.


Your supervisor should ensure that you are aware of:

  • potential health and safety risks in your workplace;
  • the way in which these risks are to be eliminated or controlled; and
  • what to do in emergencies.

You may also need to be trained in specific aspects of your job e.g. manual handling; display screen equipment workstations; use of machines and / or laboratory safety.

If you are a Head of Department, Departmental Safety Officer or are in a supervisory role, you may need instruction in health and safety management.

The Safety Services Office will provide any advice required. If you feel that your training is incomplete talk to your supervisor or Departmental Safety Officer.


Make sure you know where the nearest fire alarms and extinguishers are and ALL the exit routes from the building.

In the event of fire:

  • activate the nearest alarm; and
  • report the fire:

Main Campus - 888 on internal phones
RKCSB - 222 on internal phones
Other sites 999 on public phones

If you hear the fire alarm:

  • leave the building by the nearest available exit;
  • go to the assembly point;
  • follow the instructions of Fire Safety Team members and Security Staff;
  • do not re-enter the building until told that it is safe to do so.

If you have an accident or “near miss”:

  • in case of injury contact a first aider or an ambulance (Main Campus - 888 on internal phones; RKCSB - 222 on internal phones; Other sites 999 on public phones); and
  • report the accident promptly to your Supervisor or Departmental Safety Officer.

In due course, a report of all fires and accidents must be sent to the Director of the Safety Services Office by means of the University reporting system.

If you feel that there is something  at work that is affecting your health (e.g. noise, chemicals, lifting and carrying, poor workstation design, stress etc.) tell your supervisor or Departmental Safety Officer. Minor health problems may become major disabilities if not addressed in time.

Report anything which you feel is a serious risk to safety or health or a short-coming in health and safety arrangements.


These should be directed in the first instance to your manager or supervisor, Departmental Safety Officer or Trade Union Safety Representative.

Health and Safety Policy 2017

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