Fire Safety

Fire Safety
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What is Fire Safety?


Most fires are preventable and so Fire Safety is about preventing fires and using buildings safely. Fire Safety measures such as staircases, walls and fire alarms etc. are designed into buildings provided during the construction or refurbishment phase so that buildings are ‘safe by design’. However, threats to fire safety arise through the activities of people when they use buildings and these are known as ‘fire hazards’.

Fire hazards arise from activities such as cooking, scientific work or even wedging fire doors open. Fire Safety is about reducing hazards to a practical minimum initially through a Building Fire Risk Assessment, carried out by the University Fire Officer, and then the users of the building adhering to the safety measures and practices put in place to prevent ignition, uncontrolled fire; and to limit the development and effects of a fire after it starts.

What do I need to do?

All building users need to be aware of the arrangements for fire in their building and so should receive a general fire safety induction when they commence work or study. This induction should cover what to do when discovering fire or when the fire alarm sounds, how to call the emergency services, how to evacuate the building safely, the location of the fire extinguishers and the location of the assembly point. 

Should work involve specialist activities, such as science, cooking etc. people should also receive further instruction as necessary. Staff should ensure that the general fire safety arrangements provided in the building are adhered to such as the weekly testing of the fire alarm, not wedging fire doors open and keeping combustible products to a minimum in corridors and staircases.

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