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Eye Tests - DSE

Photograph of a computer user

Eye tests are provided to ensure users (who are defined by the DSE Regulations as "as an employee who habitually uses display screen equipment as a significant part of his normal work") can comfortably see the screen and work effectively without visual fatigue. The DSE eye test does not replace an employee’s normal eye test they should undertake with their own optician, at least every 2 years.

An initial eyesight screening test is carried out by the University's designated optician, Farmilo Opticians, Queens Road, Leicester, solely with regard to DSE use.  If this test is passed then this is the only test that the University will provide.

If the initial screening test indicates that a full eye test is required, this will then be carried out by the optician.  If this full examination indicates spectacles are required (for computer use at work only), then a pair of frames and lenses will be provided by the University. 


  • You should complete a Computer Workstation (DSE) Eye Test Authorisation Form available from and make 1 copy.
  • Both copies of the form must then be signed by the Head of Department, Office or function.
  • An appointment should be made with Farmilo Opticians on Queens Road (0116  2709595).  This is the only optician with whom the University has a Computer Workstation (DSE) screening arrangement. 
  • You must take both copies of the Authorisation Form to Farmilo Opticians. 

    Additional advice can be obtained from Safety Services Office.

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