Online Electronic Applications

General Advice


  • Many funding bodies now use electronic application systems. In general you require a separate user name and password for each system.
  • Ensure that the format of the application confirms with funder's electronic requirements.  The main reason for rejected application is formatting errors e.g. font size and maximum number of pages.
  • If the electronic system has a validation button use it. This will highlight some of the possible errors on an application.
  • One of the main checks the RSO do before submission is that the costs on the application form match what is on the Lucre system and that we have a signed approval form.


When you press the submit button be aware that in many cases (not all) you are submitting to the Research Support Office for central approval, not to the funder. For this reason, it is important to submit to RSO well in advance and at least 2 days before the deadline.


For Information on submitting JeS Applications see our page on submitting to Research Councils using JeS

For Information on submitting e-Gap Applications see our page on submitting to the British Academy and The Royal Society via e-Gap


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